version 1.2

Got Citrix Resource Manager?  Try out Web Interface for Resource Manager!

Web Interface for Resource Manager is an ASP.NET 2.0 web application that contains several SQL queries to display useful information contained in the Citrix Resource Manager Summary Database.  Web Interface for Resource Manager displays this information in a drill-down graphical and tabular manner.

What's new in version 1.2?
Web Interface for Resource Manager version 1.2 includes everything in version 1.1, plus the following new features: 

  • Client Usage Report. View every client version that has ever made a connection to your farm.  This report includes a date/time range filter.  You can also drill down to see which users have used particular client versions.
  • Application Report Filters. A date range filter has been added to the Application Report.  Also, the top number of applications is selectable from 1 - 10.  The combination of these two filters allows you to select the top x applications for any given date/time range. 

Web Interface for Resource Manager version 1.2 (for Presentation Server 3.0 and above)

Note: Version 1.2 is only intended for Presentation Server 3.0 and above. This is due to the differences in the Resource Manager Summary Database schema.  The MetaFrame XP Summary Database schema does not include the tables necessary to generate these new reports. Please use Web Interface for Resource Manager Version 1.1 for MetaFrame XP.

Screen Shots of Web Interface for Resource Manager

Usage Calendar (displays number of unique user sessions per day)

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Bar Chart of sessions started on a particular day

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Session Details

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Application Usage

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Client Usage Report

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Known Issues

  • You may receive a message stating  Invalid object name 'table' if the owner of a table is anything other than dbo.
    Use the technique described here to change the object owner to dbo.

Please note that this project is a work in progress.  There are several other ideas that are in the works to add to the functionality of this web application.  If you have ideas for further functionality, please let me know in the comments section below.