Project Mobius Beta 2.1

Migrating or maintaining multiple Citrix farms? Project Mobius is a Microsoft Windows application that allows you to drag and drop published applications and/or folders from one Citrix Presentation Server farm to one or more separate Citrix Presentation Server farms.

Project Mobius Beta 2.1 includes some visual enhancements as well as some bug fixes. The main bug fixed in Project Mobius Beta 2.1 addresses an issue when migrating applications from a Citrix MetaFrame XP farm to a Citrix Presentation Server 3.0 or above farm. You may receive an error that states:

Failed to copy published application ({App_Name}).

Details: Unable to cast COM object of type ‘System.__ComObject’ to interface type ‘MetaFrameCom.IMetaFrameApplication4′, This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID'{ED62F58D-63C2-11D4-94D8-00C04FB0F326}’ failed due to the following error: no such interface supported (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004002 {E_NOINTERFACE)).

This issue has been resolved in the latest code.

  Download Project Mobius Beta 2.1

While we’re on the topic of Project Mobius, let me quickly address Project Mobius Beta 3. Project Mobius Beta 3 will include a “best effort” policy migration. What does a “best effort” policy migration mean you may ask? To explain this, I first need to tell you about my adventures with policies in MFCOM. Let’s just say that the stability of policy manipulation in MFCOM is, um, less that 100%. I consistently received errors on certain methods when trying to manipulate polices programmatically that, according to the documentation, should have worked. That being said, I almost scrapped Beta 3 of Project Mobius altogether.

Fast forward to BriForum Europe 2007. I was chatting with Shawn Bass and Thomas Koetzing during a break and relaying my frustration concerning the roadblocks I was running into with programmatically manipulating policies via MFCOM. Then, a suggestion was made to me. Why not migrate everything you can in code. Then, create a report on anything that failed during the process. That way, you can get 85% – 90% of the way there programmatically on the policy settings and only have to do 10% – 15% manually. That sounded good to me, so I resurrected Beta 3 and started to implement this “best effort” policy migration. Look for this in Project Mobius Beta 3.

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  1. Hi,

    do you have any idea what could cause the following error?

    “Failed to copy published application (Internet Explorer). Details: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.”

    Maybe a .NET Security issue? Both farms are PS 4.0 with HRP03 running on W2K and W2K3.

    best regards

  2. Can Anyone Tell me what ports this tool uses to enumerate apps across farms.. as this tool is really cool and i had used to promote my aps from test environment to pre production,but due to soem firewal isssue i am not able to connect to preproduction environment,so can anyone tell me any specific ports on which communication occurs…

    Thanks a lot for the awesome tool.

  3. I downloaded your and it contains v3.0 of the app. Just in case you didn’t realize.

  4. Hello,

    i download the latest version but the bug is allready there (Details: Unable to cast COM object of type ‘System.__ComObject’ to interface …). Is a new version without this bug coming ? sorry for my english 🙂 greetings from germany. dirk

  5. Hi,

    I have seen that you are able to get the ICONs from Applications to show in your tree. I didn’t find a good documentation on howto do it. Is there a trick?

  6. Well,
    another “plaese fix” is the issue you get when drag&drop publ. apps that are organized in folders or even subfolders. Proj.M. throws an error, creates the folder on the desination, but does not copy the entry of that app.

  7. nice tool, but although configured in the options,no user groups are migrated. Anyone can confirm this or give any hint?


  8. Hi Jason, this is Josef Zeiler, you remember????
    I tried to use Moebius Beta 2.1 to migrate apps from a german PS 3.0 farm to a german PS 4.5 Farm. When trying to connect to the PS 3.0 farm I get the error you describe in the text above. Therefore I can not connect to the old farm. Do you perhaps have a quick tip for me?

    As someone called “Dirk” complains about a similar problem, might be this occurs in german versions only?

    Regards Josef
    Mobile: +49-172-8233591

  9. Hi Josef,

    Of course I remember you from BriForums and WIRM translations. Can you post the error message you are getting? I don’t *think* it should have to do with German versions.

  10. Hi, I get the following error when launching Mobius from one of my farms. No apps are published to this farm and I want to use Mobius to publish my apps from one farm with 150 apps to this new farm.

    Access is denied. (exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

  11. Yes both farms are in the same domain and I am logged into the presentation server on both farms with the same admin ID. It works on one but no the other?

  12. Two farms separtated by a firewall, when connecting to the farm behind the firewall the error is: “Error connecting to Farm: Creating an instance of the COM component..from the IClassFactory failed due to error:800706ba”
    Any ideas??

  13. Hello,

    i’m getting the same error. The program is started on a server in the targetfarm (PS 4.5). The error comes on both connections (source – PS 4.0 / target PS 4.5 FP1).

    Regards Thomas

  14. Hello,

    i found the error. When connecting to farm, I must use a server not the framname :-).


  15. error message is as follows:
    “failed to copy folder. Details: Value dows not fall within the expected range”.

    The structure to be copied is
    Courses (I am dragging courses on Applications”

    Same effect when having a deepeer hierarchy.

    I maaged to create the folder structure using “farmapputil”, but this does not create the users that are assigned to the apps. Unfortunately mobius doesn`t create them too. When draggin an application to the target folder the users aere missing, although the option is set in the menue.

  16. A)
    Starting the latest Build on a 4.5 FP1 server throws:
    “Buffer Cannot be null
    Parameter Name: Buffer”
    Starting on a 3.0 server is ok
    Connecting to a 4.5 server for drag&drop fails with the errormessage that should have been resolved in the latest build

    I have used this great tool for migrating without any errors… any idea what si missing now ?
    Com+ is up and running, I am MF Admin and both systems are in the same domain.

    Thanks for any advice.

  17. Trying to copy folders with subfolders. getting error:
    “Details: Value does not fall within the expected range”. Copying from PS 4 farm to new XenApp 5 farm with one server. Could this error be caused by that the servers who have the published apps in the old farm are not yet in the the new farm?

  18. Same error here
    Failed to copy published application.
    Failed to copy published application (Skrivebord).
    Details: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

  19. Did you ever find a solution to this? No matter which direction i copy the apps from and to, I get this error. I have to then go back and copy the apps to the folder, which copied over successfully.

  20. Is it possible to use Mobius 2.1 to copy apps from Metaframe
    4.0 to XenApp 6? I cannot seem to connect to the XenApp 6 farm
    either locally or remotely. Thanks.

  21. Jason
    Have you done any further updates to this tool as of the 2.1 release? We are doing a rather large 4.5 to 5.0 migration and would like to use the latest and greatest version.

  22. Is it possible to have this utility write out a script that
    can replicate published applications from one XA farm to another via scheduled task? I need something that will replicate applications and users only and append a prefix to the name of the application imported from the source XA farm

  23. Is it possible to have this utility write out a script that
    can replicate published applications from one XA farm to another via scheduled task? I need something that will replicate applications and users only and append a prefix to the name of the application imported from the source XA farm

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