I’m blogging the Citrix Synergy keynote in real time.  I’ll be adding to things that strike me as interesting to this post as announcements are made.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think about making a crazy cool AJAX out of band update, so you’ll have to refresh your browser.  You can follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/JasonConger as well for snippets.


In beta for a while, XenClient is now released to the public.  The vision of a client hypervisor is moving toward offline VDI.  Citrix will use a technology called Synchronizer to keep the virtual desktop on the XenClient client machine synchronized with a remote copy in the data center.  Another cool feature is the ability to send a “kill pill” to the XenClient VM.  I think this is a very significant announcement.  One word of caution, there is a limited subset of workstations that XenClient supports.

HDX Nitro

There are a lot of announcements surrounding HDX.  HDX “Nitro” includes several sub technologies:

  • Project Mach 3 will give you 3x performance
  • Project Laser is for printing performance
  • Project Zoom is application pre-launch for instant connection
  • Project Mercury is for WAN acceleration

Check out more on HDX Nitro at http://hdx.citrix.com/nitro


Dazzle was shown at the last 2 Synergy conferences.  I like the idea of where Dazzle wants to go – user self-service, but it still lacks some functionality.  Workflow approval has been shown as a demo, but still doesn’t exist yet.  I also think some of the excessive eye candy animations need to go.  Check it out for yourself here: http://www.citrix.com/tv/#search/dazzle

Twitter updates from the event: