Property type Property name Description
ApplicationType ApplicationType The type of application
String DisplayName The name of the application. This name is not guaranteed to be unique in the system, however the name must be unique under the parent folder where the application is located. The length of the name may not exceed 255 characters.
String Description Description for the published application. The length of the description may not exceed 255 characters
String FolderPath The parent folder path of the published application
String BrowserName Published application’s name. Must be unique in a farm. Cannot be null. The length of the name may not exceed 48 characters. The name may not contain these characters: %/$#
Boolean Enabled If true, the published object will be available to users
Boolean HideWhenDisabled If set to true, hide the application when disabled
String ContentAddress UNC or URL of the published content
String CommandLineExecutable The default initial program
String WorkingDirectory The default working directory (overridable on a per-server basis), or empty for a server desktop or not to specify a working directory
String ProfileLocation The UNC path of the profile to use by default
String ProfileProgramName The name of the application in the profile to use
String ProfileProgramArguments The arguments to pass into the streamed application
Boolean AnonymousConnectionsAllowed If value is true, it allow all client users to start the application without specifying a user name, domain name and password
String ClientFolder The location of the app in the Program Neighborhood interface, backslash-delimited.
Boolean AddToClientStartMenu If set to true, create a shortcut in the client’s start menu
String StartMenuFolder The location of the shortcut within the start menu, backslash-delimited. This property is valid only when AddToClientStartMenu is true
Boolean AddToClientDesktop If set to true, create a shortcut to this application on the user’s local desktop
Boolean ConnectionsThroughAccessGatewayAllowed If set to true, allow connections to this application through Citrix Access Gateway
Boolean OtherConnectionsAllowed If set to true, allow connections to this application through things other than Citrix Access Gateway
Boolean AccessSessionConditionsEnabled Whether the list of conditions is enabled
String[] AccessSessionConditions A collection of access conditions, at least one of which must be met by incoming Access Gateway connections. This collection might be empty but it won’t be null. This collection is ignored if AllowConnectionsThroughAccessGateway is false. If this collection is empty, then any Citrix Access Gateway connection is allowed. Otherwise, the Citrix Access Gateway connection must meet at least one filter-farm combination in this list. The first part of the KeyValuePair is the Access Gateway farm name and the second part of the pair is the filter name
Int32 InstanceLimit Restrict the number of concurrent instances of this published application in the farm to this number. Specify -1 for no limit. Zero is not a legal value for this property
Boolean MultipleInstancesPerUserAllowed If set to true, limit each user to only one instance of this application at a time
CpuPriorityLevel CpuPriorityLevel The CPU priority level to use for this application. By default, this is CpuPriorityLevel.Normal
AudioType AudioType The legacy audio type to use by default
Boolean AudioRequired If set to true, deny connections that cannot support the default audio type. This property is valid only if DefaultAudioType is not NotRequired.
Boolean SslConnectionEnabled If set to true, allow SSL connections to this application. Note that this cannot be enforced as a minimum requirement on the client side
EncryptionLevel EncryptionLevel The default encryption level for the application’s sessions
Boolean EncryptionRequired If set to true, deny connections that cannot support the default encryption level. This property is valid only if DefaultEncryptionLevel is not Basic
Boolean WaitOnPrinterCreation If set to true, wait for printers to be auto-created before starting this application
String WindowType The window size/type to use by default
ColorDepth ColorDepth The color depth to use by default
Boolean TitleBarHidden If set to true, hide the application window’s title bar
Boolean MaximizedOnStartup If set to true, maximize the application window on startup
Boolean OfflineAccessAllowed If set to true, support offline access
StreamedAppCaching Option CachingOption The type of caching to use for this streamed application. This property is valid only if AllowOfflineAccess is set to true
AlternateProfile[] AlternateProfiles A collection of alternate UNC paths and IP addresses to use for this streamed application, to provide better performance
Boolean RunAsLeastPrivilegedUser If set to true, run this streamed application as a least-privileged user