Web Interface for Resource Manager version 2.1 is coming soon and there are three new features. The first feature is a GUI for setting up configuration parameters. No more fumbling with the Web.Config file to set up your connection to the database. Check out the screen shot below:

You may notice the other two features from this screen shot. First, Web Interface for Citrix Resource Manager is now poised to support multiple languages. Second, you may also notice that Web Interface for Citrix Resource Manager will finally support Oracle as a database server for the Citrix RM Summary Database.

Okay, so now you know what is coming out but, I need some help with this one. The first thing I need help with is testing the Oracle release since I only have an Oracle server running in a test Virtual Machine with copied data from a SQL server. If you are interested in testing out the Oracle functionality, please drop me an email. Second, if you would like to see Web Interface for Resource Manager in a language besides English US or German, I need help with translations. (Thanks Josef Zeiler for the German translation!) Again, if you are interested in contributing some translation skills, drop me an email and I will send you the resource file that contains all the text for the web application as well as the help files.

Stay tuned…