From WIRM to Splunk – Translating the Past to the Present

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I get to do a lot of cool things at Splunk.  One of the things I have been wanting to do is incorporate the visualizations I built a long time ago for Web Interface for Resource Manger in Splunk applications.  All of those past visualizations were built using Microsoft ASP.NET and Flash.  So, I have had to use alternate methods to accomplish what I want. [Read More]
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Using PowerShell to Retrieve Citrix Monitor Data via OData

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Starting with XenDesktop 7, Citrix stores the data the Desktop Director displays in a SQL database. Citrix opened up this data via a Monitor Service API that uses OData.  I’m not going to go deep into the details of the API as it is fairly well documented at the eDocs site.  The examples in the documentation show you how to access this data via web browser, Microsoft Excel, and LinqPad.  What I want to do... [Read More]

Introduction to PhoneGap

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Your end users expect mobile access to enterprise resources now. Unfortunately, our traditional remote access methods do not lend themselves easily to mobile form factors. So, we are left with the choice to use 3rd party apps, "mobilize" existing apps, or build our own. This article will address one of the players aimed at helping you build your own mobile apps with less effort. [Read More]