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How to Install the Citrix XenApp 6 PowerShell Cmdlets

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PowerShell is the new API for Citrix XenApp starting with version 6. Whether you want to write interactive applications or work with your XenApp farm via command line, you first need to set up the XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK. This post will step you through setting up the Citrix XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK in your environment. [Read More]

Bulk Update XenApp 6 Published Application Properties with PowerShell

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There are times when you need to update a property on multiple XenApp published applications. If you only have a few applications to update, this can be done via the management console. However, if you have more than a few applications to update, then PowerShell is the way to go. In this post, I will show you how to use PowerShell to update published application properties on multiple applications at the same time. [Read More]

MFCOM to PowerShell: How to Make the Transition

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MFCOM has been the de facto standard for programmatically interfacing with Citrix XenApp. Whether you wanted to write a simple script or develop an application that interfaced with XenApp, MFCOM was the answer. Now, Citrix is committed to building their management architecture on PowerShell--not just for XenApp, but for all Citrix products. That's great news for standardization across platforms and aligning with Microsoft on using PowerShell for management architectures. Now, the question is how do... [Read More]